Voyage à Paris

I had quite the adventure roaming around La Ville-Lumière, the City of Lights. An unforgettable 2-day getaway, from lightning fast rides to flowery sites, and baisers.

It is not a truly eventful Lina kind-of trip if there were no hiccups and entertaining stories. Where do I begin?


Yes, I managed to get myself in a mess before I arrived or even left for Paris. I booked my Eurostar on the wrong date. The night before my departure, I was sitting on my bed, with my phone in my hand, when I received an Apple Wallet notification for Eurostar. The ticket I had purchased was for the day before I had intended on leaving. Here I was, 2 A.M in the morning, frantically Googling for alternative routes because Eurostar was going to charge me 121 pounds for an alternative date. The tickets itself were around 30 pounds each, there was no way I was going to pay four times the original amount to get to Paris. Eventually, I purchased an 8-hour bus ride from Victoria Station to Bercy in Paris.

Overall: The long bus ride was sleepless and achy, but worthwhile. You get to be on a bus that goes on a ferry and sails all the way across Strait of Dover (between the English Channel and the North Sea).

Day 1

Question: Who has a Mickey Mouse water tower in the front?

Answer: Walt Disney Studios Park in Marne-la-Vallee.

There is nothing more exciting than going to Walt Disney Studios for the first time and in Paris. I would highly suggest purchasing tickets beforehand and online. My tickets were 32 pounds each.  Not bad, right? The longest I ever waited on a line was 15 minutes and the rides were fun. I would highly suggest purchasing tickets for two parks based on how fast lines are and the park size. If you’re coming from central Paris, there is a train (RER A) that takes you straight to Disneyland and cost around £7.

From where I was staying, the train took about an hour to arrive at Disneyland. However, it took us nearly 3 hours to arrive back in central Paris. Why? Train delays. Beware, if you’re stuck out in Zone 3,4, or 5 due to train delays, stick it out. I know it seems hard but there is no other route besides Uber (if you are willing to spend that much). Even if it requires you to hop on and off three trains, just know, you’ll make it back, just like the hundreds of Parisiennes there.

Day 2

I spent the second day breezing 13 famous sites in central Paris. Below I created a route of my walk and listed the sites.

trip to paris

  1.  Eiffel Tower
  2. Arc de Triomphe
  3. Champs-Élysées
  4. Place de la Concorde
  5. Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden)
  6. Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
  7. The Louvre
  8. Le Palais-Royal
  9. Pont des Arts
  10. Institut de France
  11. Pont Neuf
  12. 59 Rivoli

It may surprise you that I mentioned 59 Rivoli as a site. But it is a site worth seeing and the best way to end the night. It is an art gallery located in a four-floored apartment on 59 Rue de RivoliThe apartment is filled with uniquely painted stairwell, connecting over 30 artists from around the world. These artists also change monthly. So, what is better than live music and live artistry? Absolutely nothing, well for me.


There are two places that I would highly suggest to go when you are in Paris. If you are near the Eiffel Tower, I would go to Chikara, a flavorful sushi restaurant. In New York, a California roll mainly consists of crab meat, rice, seaweed, cucumber, and avocado. At Chikara, a California roll is essentially any kind of roll that is not sashimi. I would highly recommend their salmon avocado roll and their salmon cream cheese roll.

If you are in the Chinatown area, then I would suggest you go to Restaurant Guo Xin, a small and affordable Chinese restaurant. They offer savory beef noodle soup and homemade fried dumpling. The pork and chives dumplings are heavenly, and they give 15 dumplings for 5 euros.

Final question: Would I go back to Paris again?

Yes! But, my next trip will be on the edges: Marseilles,  Nice, and French Riviera. So, find Lina there next time. Let us see who will be the first one to find me there, roaming down the coastline of France.


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