The City of Gaudí

The final day. The last day in Barcelona. Well, you would assume after all I saw in the first few days in Barcelona that I would be done sightseeing. But, nothing will stop an energetic explorer from seeking beauties in the world. The third day, I dived into the world of Gaudi. Seven of his works are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. I searched and captured his remarkable works. First thing first, I needed energy in order to hunt. I feasted in Milk Bar & Bistro, a bar with a rich old school 50s’ feels. The food was just absolutely amazing, mouth-watery, and tummy filling. I was surprised to see an adorable cup, that clearly showed each layer of a cappuccino: espresso, milk, and milk foam. I ordered Eggs Benedict, which included two poached eggs on a toasted chapata bread with bacon and topped on with homemade hollandaise sauce. Feeling the warm orange yolk dripping on to your tongue, escaping the corners of your mouth and then, crunching on the perfect crispy bacon.


Moving on from the savory food, I have mapped out and listed the heritage sites that I visited. In addition to Gaudi, I visited other modernistic architecture along the way.

Screenshot (21)

  1. Palau de la Música Catalana (Palace of Catalan Music)

  2. Plaça de Catalunya (Catalonia Square)
  3. Casa Mulleras
  4. Casa Amatller
  5. Fundació Antoni Tàpies
  6. Casa Milà aka La Pedrera (“The stone quarry”)
  7. La Sagrada Familia
  8. Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
Casa Mila
Casa Mulleras
Casa Amatller
Plaça de Catalunya


Palace of Catalan Music
Streets of Barcelona

Gaudi’s most well-known work is the La Sagrada Familia, or (as some of you guys might not know) Expiatory Church of the Holy Family. La Sagrada Familia is definitely on my list of Top Ten Most Memorable Places because it is not only a living work of art but also a fusion between old and new. I was completely blown away by the history alone. It is interesting how this is Gaudi’s most famous work but he was not the first chosen architect. The construction of the church was first assigned to the architect Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano in 1882. Due to disagreements with the promoters, he resigned and Gaudi took over. He dedicated the rest of his life to this project and when he died in 1926, less than 1/4 of the project was finished. It is still a work in progress and anticipated to be completed by 2026, on the centenary of Gaudi’s death. Nevertheless, the exterior and interior are one of a kind, never seen before in previous churches. As you can tell from the images below, Gaudi’s structures resemble the bones of skeletons. The interior is juxtaposition with jagged and curved structures.

The Exit
The New with The Old
The Entrance


Finally, what better way to end my amazing trip here than from the top. I watched the sunset in the blue skies from Bunkers del Carmel. Sounds enticing till you realized, while waiting for your McDonald order, that you’re about to miss the sunset. I thought it would be perfect to watch the sunset while eating chicken nuggets with large french fries. I ended up hopping on MyTaxi to get to the Bunkers del Carmel. However, due to lack of reception, I had a slight hiccup with my taxi driver. The payment on the app did not go through, therefore, I had to pay with cash. Imagine, here I am, holding on to my McDonald, trying to get out of the cab as soon as possible. Checking my watch, checking the sky. Then, rushing to the top, I walked through and up grassy hills. Was all the huffing and puffing worth it?

Yes. It was a world bubbled off from the rest of Barcelona. The slight breeze touching your face, the lively atmosphere that makes even the saddest part of you smile from within, and you feel as though nothing can stop you. You’re at the top, this is the highest moment of your life. I just wanted to sit there, soak in what the world has to offer, and intake what Barcelona had already offered.


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