Everyday you look at yourself in the mirror, you tell yourself “Today will be great!”. Then, you thinking about all the errands you have to run and all the things you have to accomplish by a certain time frame. However, underneath all that regularity, I struggle with this small grain of sadness that is within my heart. It lingers in my mind, with every movement, every thought and every second. I spend all day with a cloak of sadness hanging off my shoulder. I believe at some point, I think spending my time in the sun with friends will deteriorate the feelings. However, when I arrive home, I find myself falling back into the deep hole of loneliness and self-loathing. I hate the person I have become: selfish, heartless, cold, careless, manipulative of my own feelings, and disregarding other peoples’ feelings. Where is this sadness coming from ? Where is the root of my problems?

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