Where am I?

The last article I wrote was about someone that was and is special to me. He will always have a place in my heart like our many firsts in our memories. He was like riding a bike for the first time or the feeling of a sun beaming on my as I sat on the rocks in Central Park. But, like the April weather in Boston, he came and went. Well, he came and left again this time.

I could never truly understand what moving on meant. Moving on for me always meant finding someone new or falling for someone you. It was always about the next exciting individual or event to conquer. I also found a new distraction to obsess over, and it was always BOYS. However, for once in my life, moving on has been a lot harder. I begin to wonder why. Is it because what I had with this boy was different or am I truly still stuck on the “what ifs”?

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