Friend Date

It is 3:13 A.M. I have spent the last 12 hours with my “friend”. You may be wondering, “why the quotation mark?” Well, we have been “friends” for two years. We have not once hung out one on one. I know, crazy. In addition, we have spent these past two years strictly hooking up. Especially the past three months, we have hooked up nearly every weekend. Today is the first time, and nearly every second I tried to tell myself it wasn’t a date. IT WAS NOT A DATE. IT WAS JUST TWO FRIENDS HANGING OUT. I truly did enjoy the fact that we turned out to have abundant of interest in common. Where did we go? Well, I guess this sort of a travel blog of my hometown.

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Feelings for FUckboy?

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Me on the weekends

From my last entry, you may know that I was already contemplating about this “feeling” I have for a guy, whom we shall call Steve. Steve and I have been hooking up for about two and a half years. Yikes. That is a long time, longer than most of my relationships and friendships, truth to be told. Lately, we have hooked up at least once or twice a week for about two months? My timeline has been hazy since most weekends have been spent drowning myself in an absurd amount of alcohol. But don’t worry, I am not considered a raging alcoholic till I graduate.

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